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Mocute 060F

Mocute 060F

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Mocute 060F The Nintendo Switch Style GamePad For Your Cell Phone

Introducing the Mocute 060F gamepad: It offers great features, such as high-precision joysticks that help with smooth scrolling of characters, giving you more control over the game. Its high-speed CPU and microcomputing software allow precise control at all times. The joystick caps are made of soft silicone to ensure maximum comfort even during long gaming sessions.

Mocute 060F

This gamepad has double joysticks and an ergonomic design capable of supporting 6 fingers with maximum comfort so that your performance in the game is the most optimal. It adapts natively with Android and iOS systems. It has advanced macro features that allow you to perform complex actions with a single click.

You can map the keys in a personalized way according to the need of the game. Thanks to its telescopic design with efficient heat dissipation, it supports devices up to 6.8 inches long and 13mm thick.

Mocute 060F

Some of its main features:

  • double joystick
  • silicone caps
  • advanced macro functions
  • Custom button mapping
  • Telescopic design with heat dissipation
  • High precision joysticks without dead zone
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, PC and Nintendo Switch
  • Supports equipment up to 6.8 inches long and 13mm thick

The box includes the following:

  • 1 x Handbook
  • 1 x Gampad
  • 1 x V8 Cable

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