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Fifine Ampligame A6V Condenser USB Gamer Microphone

Fifine Ampligame A6V Condenser USB Gamer Microphone

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Fifine 6V Microphone - RGB lighting and exceptional sound quality for streaming

Gradient RGB Lighting and Quick Mute:

Bi-color RGB lighting smoothly transitions through seven color modes. The Fifine Ampligame A6V RGB microphone adds a pleasant atmosphere to your set up, immersing you in the intensity of the games. You can quickly mute the microphone thanks to the MUTE button. The RGB LED turns off when it is muted to indicate its operating status, so you will prevent your streaming from suffering accidents due to forgetting to mute the microphone.

FiFine A6V microphone with RGB lighting

Enjoy a live voice:

Specially designed for gamers who broadcast live as it offers clear and full sound. It will look like everyone on your team is playing on your side. This cardioid condenser microphone for PC sensitively picks up front sound. Your friends will be able to clearly hear your voice during the action, whether it's on PS5 or PC games.

FiFine A6V microphone clear voice

practical use:

The gain knob at the bottom allows it to be adjusted in a practical and quick way. If the game sound affects your voice, you can instantly adjust the volume from the microphone. The tripod screw helps you tilt it to get the best pickup angle for your voice, helping you get the best speaking posture during gaming or streaming.

FiFine A6V microphone gain knob

Easy installation:

This microphone is plug-and-play and is compatible with PS4/PS4pro/PS5, as well as desktop and laptop computers. The USB cable can be firmly connected to the type-C connector of the microphone to avoid interruptions during the game. Also, this USB cable measures 6.6 feet so you have plenty of flexibility when connecting without distance being a major issue.

FiFine A6V plug and play microphone

Useful accessories:

The elastic rubber bands are firmly attached to the anti-pop mount, reducing vibration noise caused by violently hitting the keyboard and clicking the mouse. The detachable pop filter attaches securely to the microphone, helping to eliminate popping sounds caused by your exciting words during gameplay. The tripod with non-slip rubber feet prevents the microphone from moving when you hit the desktop during the most intense games.

FiFine A6V Microphone

Some of its main features:

  • Bi-color RGB lighting in seven modes
  • MUTE button
  • Delivers clear, full sound
  • USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • Gain control knob
  • Adjustable inclination
  • Plug and play
  • compatible with PS4/PS4pro/PS5/PC
  • 6.6ft USB cable
  • Support of elastic rubber bands
  • Removable pop filter
  • tripod with non-slip rubber feet

The box includes the following:

FiFine A6V microphone whats in the box
  • 1 x USB microphone
  • 1 x Pop Filter
  • 1 x Tripod mount
  • 1 x 6.6ft USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

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