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Iphone MagSafe Charger

Iphone MagSafe Charger

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Apple MagSafe is a wireless charging accessory for your iPhone. It has powerful magnets that adhere to the back of the iPhone (Series 12 or higher) to conveniently charge the device, as it will allow you to have a lot of flexibility of movement while using it and charging at the same time.

The Apple MagSafe Charger is compatible from the 8 series of iPhones. With series prior to 12, you can use it as a wireless charging base on any surface. You will only have to place the back of the iPhone on the MagSafe and it will start charging.

Main Features Of The Apple Magsafe Charger

  • Load Capacity at 15W
  • Super Fast Charge
  • Magnetic Ring
  • Type C Cable Lug
  • Cable length 1mt
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