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Holder For Mirror

Holder For Mirror

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Holder Portable: Smartphone Holder with 360 Degree Rotation and High Quality

Support With 360 Degree Rotation

You can change the angle at will. Convenient for you to adjust it according to the need or perspective you need at the moment, either to watch videos or for easier and safer driving.

Holder For Smartphone With Jaw Clamp

High quality

It is made of new ABS + metal materials, very durable, not easy to scratch, easy to install, simple and practical. It also has an elegant design and appearance.

Operable With One Hand

Thanks to its easy-to-use design, you won't be distracted while driving. You can completely manipulate it with one hand. Either to adjust height, angle, rotation, even to hide it behind the rearview mirror if it interferes with your vision. In this way, if you are driving, you can feel safer and calmer.

Holder For Smartphone With Jaw Clamp

Adjustable opening

The opening of the support is adjustable. The size of the opening can be adjusted according to your own needs by turning the rotary knob below the opening.

Two Installation Methods and Wide Application

In addition to the rear view mirror, you can also install it on the seat posts or any other place where the opening of the bracket can fit, which is convenient for passengers to keep themselves entertained during the trip. The holder is suitable for the vast majority of mobile phone models and can be used with all widths up to 100mm.

Some of its main features:

Some of its main features:

  • rotate 360
  • Supports mobiles up to 100 mm wide
  • 3 points to adjust angle
  • durable materials
  • Adjustable clamping jaw up to 23 mm
  • Easy drive

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