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Dagin 5000mAh Magsafe Powerbank

Dagin 5000mAh Magsafe Powerbank

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Optimize the charge of your iPhone with our PowerBank MagSafe: Portable wireless charging with magnetic support

It is very easy to use, you just have to place it on the back of your iPhone, and thanks to the fact that it is compatible with MagSafe, it will hold magnetically and start charging your battery.

Dagin Magsafe Powerbank

It is compatible with all mobile devices that have a QI wireless charging system, but only with iPhones 12/13/14 series, it can be attached magnetically thanks to the strong built-in magnet.

This PowerBank is perfectly designed to fit the size without affecting the space of the cameras in iPhones 12/13/14. It has a lightning connection and offers a wireless charging power of 5W.

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