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Budi 15W Wireless Charger

Budi 15W Wireless Charger

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15W Wireless Charger With 12-in-1 Adapters

15W Wireless Charger

The most versatile wireless charger on the market. In addition to being able to charge your equipment wirelessly with a power of 15 W, within the set, you will have available a Type C to Type C cable with a length of 0.9 m and many adapters with which you can make 6 types of combinations to charge any phone regardless of make or model.

The combinations that you can make are the following:

Multiple USB Adapters
  • Type C to Type C
  • Type C to Lightning
  • Type C to V8
  • USB to Type C
  • USB to Lightning
  • USB to V8

The cable is covered in high quality rubber with the appropriate gauge and conductive material to support up to a power of 65 W.

Budi 12 in 1 USB Multiple Adapter

Table cell phone holder

This set, with its size and circular shape, is ideal so that you can take it everywhere. On the back it has an application so you can use it as a table holder and inside it has a very convenient mirror that fits in the palm of your hand so you can use it according to the needs of the moment.

multipurpose mirror

We also offer a cheaper option that does not include wireless charging, it is the Budi 11 in 1 Multiple USB OTG Adapter model.

Some of its main characteristics are:

  • V8 adapter
  • USB adapter
  • Type C Adapter
  • lightning adapter
  • Multifunction Set 12 in 1
  • 15W Wireless Charging
  • Cable length 0.9 mts
  • 2 Slots To Store Micro SD Memories
  • 2 Slots To Store NANO SIM Cards
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