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Anycast M9 Plus

Anycast M9 Plus

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Cellular Screen Duplicator to TV Anycast M9 Plus

The anycast M9 Plus is a device that allows you to duplicate the screen of your cell phone to the TV (it does not matter if it is Smart TV or not), Monitor or Data Show (Projectors) as long as they have an HDMI port. What you do on your cell phone can be seen on the screen you use to duplicate.

The connection is wireless with a capacity of up to 10 meters away. You can use it with the WIFI of your home, with the data of your cellular plan or without any type of internet connection. All this makes it a very versatile device for use.

If you want to know if your cell phone is compatible with the Anycast M9 plus, you just have to look for one of the following options: Smart View, Emit, Cast, Duplicate Screen, Screen Mirroring. All of them are exactly the same, the only thing different is the name depending on the brand of cell phone you use.

Some advantages to highlight:
  • Duplicates the cell phone screen
  • Android/iOS compatible
  • Maximum distance of 10 m
  • Wireless connection
  • HDMI + USB connection for power
  • It works with:
    • TVs
    • Monitor
    • Projector
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