Realme will be the first to launch a mobile with 240 W fast charging

Realme GT Neo 5 | The First Smartphone With 240W Charging

This titan will be available from February 2023 in China. Let's remember that the brand was also the first to break the 150 W record in its devices with the GT Neo 3 at the beginning of 2022. Other brands such as Samsung are far from launching something similar, since they are barely using their chargers. 45W .


Realme ensures that this technology will allow very safe and low-voltage charging, thanks to the high power conversion efficiency that they have achieved with 98.7%. To make this possible, they will be using a very special 12A cable, which will also be the first of this capacity on the market.


The tests they carried out were in extreme conditions, with up to 85 °C and 85% humidity for 21 days, subjecting the equipment to continuous downloads and charges. The results were positive without any type of failures or security problems.


However, as part of prevention, Realme included 13 temperature sensors to control heat in real time and a temperature reduction system made of graphene to prevent overheating.


Realme assures that its tests also showed that the GT NEO 5 battery supports up to 1,600 complete charge cycles, without this being a slight problem for performance, as it is in equipment such as iPhones with just 500 complete charge cycles.


There is still no official data on the actual charging time from 0% to 100%, but if we use the GT NEO 3 with its 150 W as an example, it does a full charge in 20 min. So the GT NEO 5, we may be seeing it achieve the same result under 10 minutes.

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